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Here, you can expect a Church Family that will accept you as you are. Feel free to join us on our Journey to be more like JESUS. Everyone comes to church with baggage. We will simply point you to Christ, who will remove the baggage or give you the strength to carry it. We will walk with you through this process. You will not be alone!!
Redeeming Grace Fellowship is the Perfect Place for Imperfect People. 

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Sunday, 9:30am

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Wednesday, 6:30pm

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The Perfect Place for Imperfect People

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Turning Dead Endings Into New Beginnings


Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Department is critical to Grace Chapel in order to fulfill our Mission and accomplish our Purpose. Psychologists tell us that all of a child's values are established by the age of five (5). With that in mind, we place emphasis on reinforcing the values that each parent wants established in their child.


We endeavor to provide the highest quality of ministry for our children. At Grace Chapel, we believe that children are a vital part of the church today! Through the use of role-play, crafts, puppets, music, and visuals, we establish values that last a lifetime. Our goal is to anchor our children in Jesus so that they can avoid pitfalls later in life. In addition to regular meetings, special activities are provided to enhance the overall growth of children.


Teens face an onslaught of challenges unprecedented.   Values about GOD, parents, moral absolutes and society push our teens like never before to make decisive and often life altering choices.
Our objective is simple.  Listen to what they are saying and provide a balanced, rational Biblical response to the issues they face daily. No sugar coating, just simple truth.  Amazingly, that is what the majority are looking for!
Simple loving guidance as we partner with Parents for the benefit of our teens!

Adult Weekly Meetings

Discipleship classes & groups are offered to prepare our adults to face the challenges of today's society while maintaining focus on our relationship with JESUS. Additionally, as part of the Discipleship process our adults are encouraged to grow in ministry, whether in music/worship, teaching, special productions and projects, visitation, prayer groups, sports (Co-Ed Volleyball),retreats, etc.

Helping those who have reached a DEAD END in their life 
to experience a New Beginning through the Power of GOD’s Grace