In addition to Sunday Morning, Discipleship classes & groups are offered to prepare our adults to face the challenges of today's society while maintaining focus on our relationship with JESUS.  Additionally, as part of the Discipleship process our adults are encouraged to grow in ministry, whether in music/worship, teaching, special productions and projects, visitation, prayer groups, sports (Co-Ed Volleyball),retreats, etc. We believe that everyone should have one area of ministry to excel in, and be given the opportunity, support and training to be a success.

Discipleship Classes

Wednesdays, 6:30pm

These classes will challenge you to draw closer to GOD as you Experience HIS presence in a special way.

Ladies of Grace

As Announced

Special meetings designed to bridge the differences (age, marital status, special needs, etc) of the Ladies Of Grace Chapel. Emphasis is placed upon fellowship, prayer and the WORD of GOD. Special events and activities are scheduled to enhance the connection of our ladies. 

Special Activities

Various Dates & Times

Concerts, Luncheons, Shopping Sprees,  Bus Trips (Branson, Pigeon Forge,  ARK Encounter, etc)

HELPS MINISTRY:  Adults are encouraged to use their giftings to Lift up JESUS.

Worshipers, Musicians, Lighting, Sound, Camera, Greeters, Cafe Staff and an ever evolving list of things. GOD wants you to "bloom"