We endeavor to provide the highest quality of ministry for our children. At Grace Chapel, we believe that children are a vital part of the church today! Through the use of role-play, crafts, puppets, music, and visuals, we establish values that last a lifetime. Our goal is to anchor our children in Jesus so that they can avoid pitfalls later in life. In addition to regular meetings, special activities are provided to enhance the overall growth of children.

KIDZ Klub (grades 1-6)

Sundays, 10:00am & Wednesdays, 6:30pm

Kidz Klub meets in the FLC for a Time of WORSHIP (kidz style) followed by an Impactful Bible Lesson with the use of object lessons, life application stories and more.   Bible reading and memorization are a  major focus for all of our kidz classes.   Kidz are encouraged to bring their own bible and are given the opportunity to learn how to use it. Regularly our Kidz become part of "big church" where they are given the opportunity to use their specific gifting in the service and learn to worship together with family.   Additionally, our kidz prepare special seasonal programs (Christmas, Easter, others) as they learn the value of ministry and anointing!